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Dragon Arm Gyro Stabilized HD Photography System



The Electronic control Rocker Arm HD Filming System is made up of a 3-axis Gyro Stabilized Turret(with a build-in broadcast level or cinema level camera), E-control rocker arm and the in-car control unit. The E-control Rocker Arm is equipped with 2-axis gyro stabilize system. The system can filtrate and absorb vibrations from all directions so that it can manage stable and continuous long shots even if on extremely bumpy and undulant conditions.

With the auto safety avoidance action, it makes shooting more safe and reliable. Being applied with the electronic control unit, it can achieve high rotation and high torque characteristics. It can manage continuous focusing tasks to dynamic or static targets by only three operators’ cooperation.

System Features:

5-axis stability, with the 2-axis stable E-control Rocker Arm and the 3-axis stable Gyro Stabilized Turret

Outstanding waterproof and dustproof design makes it could be applied to different kinds of conditions

Auto Safety Avoidance Action

One-Button Emergency Shut Down Function

Title structure design

Applied with mechanical and electrical limit spacing safety model

Obtain stable and focusing images even in complex terrain

By using common body structure parts, could achieve fast loading and unloading



Application Fields:

High speed dynamic camera work for Car Chasing Scene

Image capturing for Automobile Advertisement

Special Effects for film

Sports or Racing Program Real-time following technology

HD TV broadcasting

Road Race broadcast

System Specifications:

Gimbal Performance:2-axis gyro-stabilization

Azimuth: ±720°

Elevation:18°to -18°from horizontal

Gimbal slew rate:0-36°/second

Max angular acceleration:60°/S²

Max rotate speed: 6rpm/min

Electrical: VIN: 220V AC

Arm length: range from 2500mm to 6200mm

Weight: Rocker Arm:325kg(716.5lbs)

Stabilized Turret: 35 kg(77lbs)

Handle: 2 kg(4.41lbs)

Max payload:40kg(88lbs)

Operating temperature:-40℃ to +55℃(-40℉ to +131℉)

Camera/Lens Payload Options:

Stabilized Turret: VK320HD

TV Camera:    

       Sony HDC P1

       Sony HDC-P43

       Sony HXC-P70

Movie Camera:  


       RED Epicx/Dragon

       RED Weapon

       Alexa Mini

TV Camera Lens:

       Fujinon HA18X7.6BERM

       Fujinon HA14×4.5BERM

       Angenieux 30mm~72mm

       RED 18mm~85mm;300mm

Other cameras available upon request

Manual/automatic full servo focus available

Fiber interface 1 channels, support 1 channels of fiber, 2 channels of video output